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Strip #49 — Wednesday, October 4, 2006
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Ben's Notes

These pictures were taken in Texas, at the house of some of my wacky relatives.

The reason this front door doesn't look like the door in strip #9 is that Sid and Stephen live in an apartment with multiple front doors. This is pretty much standard in Geography City. (It was revealed that they live in Geography City in strip #18. Try to keep up.)

Lewis's Notes

Ben has been an amazing deputy over the last couple updates, as my Internet connection is still out. In fact, astute readers may have noticed that he wrote my comments on Monday.

I should add a note to what Ben said today. Some of you may be wrongly assuming that an apartment has to be pretty fancy to have multiple front doors. And thus, you might be assuming that Geography City is some sort of richy rich town for rich people. This is not true. It turns out that there is not, in the TI-verse, any correlation between number of front doors and wealth. So, for instance, York's apartment could have a greater number of front doors than Sid and Stephen's, without York being worth more than them, morally or fiscally.

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