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"some photos of chess pieces don't want to buy groceries?"
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Strip #13 — Wednesday, July 12, 2006
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Ben's Notes

This was a fairly elaborate setup, compared to previous strips. In addition to the sign and the fake groceries, I had to set up some lights above the set in order to get the lighting right. I think this way, it comes across looking like an apartment that was inexpertly made to look like a grocery store.

Lewis's Notes

Time for more tales of BEN. This story, I think, shows part of what makes ben so awesome and yet also more than a little frightening.

So, I suggest a primitive version of the plan in the above comic to Ben while we are brainstorming plots, and he immediately replies:

8:49:28 PM factition: I have access to some small fake plastic groceries.

I like to think he is a powerful psychic who uses his powers only to anticipate my ideas for plotlines for the comic, and purchase tiny groceries accordingly.

Now for the part where I talk about things only sort of related to the comic. There is, or rather, was this awesome band, "Splashdown". They stopped being a band and decided to let people put their music on the internet for sharing. You should all download "Blueshift" and enjoy listening to a very good band. I owe my awareness of this band to my good friend Dennis. The whole album is good, but I particularly recommend Waterbead and Procreation Chick. Strictly speaking, that wasn't even a little bit related to the comic, but I think we can all be ok with that.

One last note: I found out that my friends who I never talk to because I'm generally a horrible person when it comes to keeping in touch with people who are far away from where I am read and enjoy the comic. So these comments are dedicated to Elliott and Jenny. I'd dedicate today's strip, but then I'd have to talk to Ben about it, and he doesn't know them. Also then I'll have to let him dedicate a strip to someone sometime, and it will be, like, a 16th century Italian mathematician or something.

Ben wanted me to make "16th century Italian mathematician" this link. Needless to say, I didn't.

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